What to Consider Before Baby Arrives


Baby’s Imminent Arrival

With a new addition to the family, a fair bit of planning is needed to ensure that Baby will have every comfort and convenience. The precious newborn does need to be given the best opportunity to grow and develop with every advantage in this amazing world of excitement and discovery. There’s a lot to consider! If the gender of Baby is known beforehand then Baby’s room may need to have a decor of a particular theme and color. How much you put into this varies greatly but most Moms will have very fixed ideas of what Baby must have!

Sleeping Arrangements

Newborns generally sleep in a cot which provides a safe environment ensuring they cannot roll off and end up in a bundle of indignant joy on the floor! The bedding needs to be soft and comfortable and to provide sufficient warmth as newborns do need to retain their body heat having just emerged from the warm comfort of a protective womb! An ample supply of diapers must be on hand before the Baby’s birth. There is a huge selection of toys and colorful attractions to provide the stimulus of sight and sound that is so important for Baby’s development in those formative years where new neural pathways are being formed. This early sense stimulus will have an enormous impact on the child’s ability as they grow and develop. It will allow them to reach their full potential in large measure and affect every area of their lives.

Clothing, Bathing and Eating and Transport

Baby clothing and all the other accessories and equipment needed to bath and feed baby is of prime importance. Consider your budget and spend sensibly as the costs can mount, especially if Mom insists on having only the best! Shop around and choose carefully.
Focus on the essential and do not feel that you must have ‘everything’ at the start, as once Baby arrives, there will be ample time to add to their growing assortment of ‘apparel’ in the nursery. There is often a tendency to purchase far more than is necessary to show that we really love Baby; but do remember that less, can be more, and there is no need to be wasteful!
When Baby goes ‘out on the town’ you will need a robust buggy that can be folded and easily stowed in the trunk of the car. Please also remember that Baby must be strapped into a baby seat while in the car and follow all the laws and apply sensible practices when considering this. Many times people leave Baby in the car on a hot day, forgetting to open a window!
This is not a comprehensive list of all Baby’s requirements and there will be many other things to consider. If you can give Baby the best possible chance to grow and develop in life, they will always love you and be eternally thankful (hopefully) and you will have the peace of mind knowing that you qualify as a parent, par excellence. Give them your loving care and you will be rewarded beyond measure.
P.S. When Baby becomes a teenager things do get a little tougher!


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